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Northwest Oakland County Chapter


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Open House

Calling all Mothers!  Fall into a new routine!


*NOTE*  Even though the Open House is over, new members still have until the end of October to enter a drawing to receive 50% off their membership fee. Please call Michelle at 248-887-3434 for more information or contact us at


The Northwest Oakland County Chapter of Mothers & More would like to invite you to our    


Wednesday, October 23, 2002


Highland Senior Center (Located on John St.,  just S.of M-59 and W. of Milford Rd.)

Topics: Financial Planning & Family Traditions


Mothers & More is a non-profit membership organization that cares for the caregiver.  We provide a nationwide network of local chapters for mothers who are by choice or circumstance altering their participation in the paid workplace over the course of their active parenting years.  Our chapters are structured to support a mother as she navigates the challenges of her daily life whether she is a full-time family caregiver or struggling to achieve a better balance between the demands of paid work and family care. 


Through our chapters and other services, we provide opportunities for mothers to connect with one another in ways that assist them in developing their unique identities as women and help them move more confidently through the transitions that affect their family, work, and life. 


Mothers & More champions the value and necessity of all mothers work to our society - paid and unpaid, within and outside of the home.  We strive to raise awareness about the fact that mothers live and work in a society that presents significant barriers to their ability to succeed as women, citizens, parents, or participants in the workforce.  By uniting mothers to act on their own behalf, we seek to eliminate policies, practices, and attitudes that unfairly impact mothers as caregivers.


Our meetings focus on topics that affect us as women and parents.

The Northwest Oakland chapter offers:

* A friendly meeting atmosphere           * Chance to meet other moms like you

* Monthly evening meetings                  * Newsletter monthly

* Moms nights out                               * Playgroups

* Mom and Tot(children) outings          * Couples nights

* Family get-togethers                          * In a pinch                 

* Volunteer opportunities                      * HOOT & OWL (husbands out of town or working late)


Before joining, you are welcomed to attend 3 events (except playgroups).



Check out our chapter website at:

And the national website at: